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How did moving of Brown-Forman Czechia company headquarters look like?


80-jak-vypadal-presun-firemniho-sidla-spolecnosti-brown-forman.jpgTake a look at the cooperation between JLL and Brown-Forman Czechia in search of a new headquarters and in the preparation of the space for moving. Brown-Forman Czechia company is an American producer and distributor of premium alcoholic beverages. Its headquarters has been based at Prague 5 for many years but the management decided to move the offices to Prague 1. Main reason for this decision was the fast growth of the company on Czech market and increasing demand on space for the employees. Aleš Novotný from T-rep and Miroslav Brabec from PDS worked on the project. Thanks to professional...

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Wargaming to Open Its Global Engineering and Development Centre in Oasis Florenc in Prague 8, Czech Republic


78.jpgWargaming, a key player on the global online gaming market , has set up its branch in the Czech Republic recently and has chosen Oasis Florenc, an A class office building in Prague 8, for its seat. The company is developing, testing and selling online games, among which the World of Tanks and World of Warplanes are the most popular with 150 million players globally. Wargaming, founded in Minsk (White Russia) now has 16 offices with 4,000 employees around the globe. “In Prague, Wargaming is going to open its engineering centre where the company is going to test new titles and related...

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Štěpán Šatoplet Named the New Head of Landlord Representation at JLL


76.jpgJLL is launching new concept of office leasing agency led by Štěpán Šatoplet JLL, real estate advisory company, has named Štěpán Šatoplet the new Head of Landlord Representation. Štěpán is a seasoned real estate professional with 14 years of experience on the Prague market, is going to lead the change in the office leasing department. The office agency will diversify its services into Landlord Representation and a new Brokerage service. The team currently has 5 consultants and will steadily expand.   „JLL has been providing its office leasing services since 1992 wh...

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The Most Active Office Developers in Prague


75.jpgIn 2017, 151,000 sqm of new office premises will be added to the Prague Market. This represents an increase of 13% above ten-year average. Let’s look at the most important players on the office development market in Prague.   Prague Office Market Currently, there are a total of 340,000 sqm of modern office space in different phases of development in Prague. These premises will be delivered to the market between 2017 and 2019. Approximately 151,000 sqm should be completed this year. The most active developer on the market is currently the Cze...

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