Allen & Overy Allen & Overy

Renegotiations of 1,100 sqm in Stará Celnice office building, Prague 1

„We have used Mr. Kareš and his team at JLL on a fourth assignment. As before, they proved to be professional, engaged, reliable and communicative advisors. Their work met or exceeded our expectations. We appreciated their knowledge and experience especially in difficult situations. Their technical and market knowledge was absolutely necessary in the renegotiation of our lease. They were able to deal with our landlord, who was difficult during negotiations, in a manner which helped achieve a very good result for us. Mr. Kareš is able to balance the relationships and juggle among the parties involved in a very professional, calm and reassuring way. We knew he was doing the best for us and was always on our side during this nearly one-year-long process.”

Marcela Hogenová, Office Manager at Allen & Overy Czech Republic LLP

Lukoil Accounting and Finance Europe

Renegotiations of 1,100 sqm in Louvre office building, Prague 5

„JLL employs professionals with great knowledge of the real estate market. Their approach was excellent at all times, significantly helping client to negotiate better deal, protecting client´s interests while keeping overall balance of requirements and by not pushing where it is not important. Overall, JLL helped us to negotiate conditions which we would not be able to reach alone.”

Vít Dostál, Director for Development, LUKOIL Accounting and Finance Europe s.r.o., Prague

Avast Avast

Project & Cost Management for Avast (13,000 sqm) in Enterprise Office Center in Prague 4

„JLL were appointed by Avast to act as Project & Cost Manager of our relocation to the Enterprise building in Prague, comprising 13,000sqm of newly built offices over 7 floors. JLL’s scope included project management of the fit out works, procurement and coordination of direct suppliers, in addition to move management. As a result of negotiations with the landlord JLL managed to make savings of over 1.9m EUR and ensured the handover of the whole space on time. Avast are happy to recommend JLL’s Project Management team for similar projects.”

Tomáš Princ, Property Manager, Avast

Ges Real

Long-term Cooperation with Ges Real, the Development Company

JLL significantly helped to close the very first and key leasing transaction in our Crystal office building - Zdravotní pojišťovna Ministerstva vnitra (Insurance Company of the Ministry of Interior) has leased nearly half of this modern 13-floor office building.
„Jones Lang LaSalle proved to be true partners for us. Several years of working on our development scheme, its pricing policy and marketing campaign, have resulted in this very important lease contract being signed. I have to admit, I was not quite sure in the beginning, whether the marketing strategy proposed by Eduard Forejt, aimed at tenants being proud of their building again, was going to work. But the first positive echo from the market reassured us that it is good to listen to JLL, as they are capable to come up with such strong selling points. They discovered the right emotions to offer our potential clients. Zdravotní pojišťovna Ministerstva vnitra (Insurance Company of the Ministry of Interior) was among the first clients to be attracted by this sales idea / marketing strategy. During the course of our mutual cooperation, JLL proved their qualities as they stayed with us during the hard times and helped us to complete our project. Their approach of being with us from the very beginning to the end leads us to distinguish between property consultants and brokers. And JLL are – in my eyes – definitely consultants first and foremost.”

Václav Thoss, Senior Project Developer at Ges Real, developer and owner of Crystal office building in Prague 3

Boehringer IngelheimBoehringer Ingelheim

Renegotiation of 1,450 sqm in Palladium, Prague 1

JLL represented client´s interests and needs at minimum 100% level and goes far beyond the usual service agreed in mutual contract. Gentlemen agreement valid the same as any written commitment.

Patrik Ziman, CFO, Boehringer Ingelheim Czech Republic